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Lodash is a popular JavaScript utility library that provides a wide range of functions to help simplify and streamline coding tasks. It is designed to work with arrays, objects, strings, and other data types, offering numerous convenient methods to manipulate, iterate, and transform data.

One of the key features of Lodash is its emphasis on functional programming principles. Many of its functions are written in a functional style, promoting immutability and avoiding side effects. This makes it easier to reason about the code and ensures predictable outcomes.

What will i learn?


  • JavaScript Environment: Lodash is designed to work in both Node.js and browser environments. Ensure that you have a JavaScript runtime environment installed, such as Node.js, or a compatible web browser.
  • Package Manager: If you are using Node.js, make sure you have a package manager like npm or Yarn installed. These package managers allow you to easily install and manage external dependencies, including Lodash.
  • Project Setup: Create a new project directory or navigate to your existing project directory using the command line.

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