Redux is a JavaScript library for managing the state of applications. It uses a single store to hold the entire application state, and actions are dispatched to modify the state.

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Redux is a state management library for JavaScript applications, commonly used with frameworks like React. It follows a unidirectional data flow pattern and helps manage the state of an application in a predictable and centralized manner. Redux stores the entire application state in a single JavaScript object called the store. Actions are dispatched to update the state, and reducers specify how the state should be modified in response to those actions. Components can subscribe to the store and receive updates whenever the state changes, allowing them to re-render accordingly. This centralized approach to state management in Redux makes it easier to understand, test, and maintain complex applications.

  • JavaScript Environment: Ensure that you have a JavaScript runtime environment, such as Node.js or a modern web browser, to run your Redux application.
  • Package Manager: Install a package manager like npm (Node Package Manager) or Yarn to manage your project dependencies.
  • Redux Package: Install the Redux package in your project. You can do this by running the following command in your project directory: bash Copy code npm install redux
  • React (Optional): If you're using Redux with React, make sure you have React installed as well. You can install React using the following command: bash Copy code npm install react
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  • Redux for beginners
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